Consent of Testing



Labs2Go provides screening options for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19. Accessible
testing with quicker results means increased identification and isolation of disease to reduce
community spread. This means that our clients and their families can return to their regular daily
routines with minimal interruption. Labs2Go uses Health Canada approved RT-PCR and rapid antigen testing technology which can reliably detect the presence of the COVID-19 virus.

Specimen collection is self-conducted. Specimen processing is processed and evaluated by
Canadian accredited labs with IS) 15189 PlusTM Medical Laboratories. Users can book their test
using our secure online digital system and confidentially receive their results. All testing
materials and processing is completed independently without the use of publicly available Covid-
19 resources.

Labs2Go provides two types of screening tests:

1.) Screening and surveillance testing for corporate and organizational settings. This includes an
individual and their family members who have been requested by their workplace, employer,
school, day care and more.
2.) Screening and surveillance testing travel purposes. This includes an individual and their
family members who have upcoming travel plans and require specific Covid-19 screening for
cross-border entry requirements.


Screening and surveillance testing is intended to help organizations identify infected individuals
with or without, or prior to development of symptoms, so that measures can be taken to prevent
further transmission.

Covid-19 screening with Labs2Go is limited to testing for the sole purpose of third-party
requests (i.e. employer, school) or for cross border travel requirements.


Labs2Go does not provide COVID-19 testing to individuals who are eligible for COVID-19
testing in accordance with the Ontario Ministry of Health’s provincial COVID-19 testing
guidelines. This includes individuals who are symptomatic, who have been exposed to a
confirmed case of the virus as notified by local public health or the COVID Alert app, or work in
a setting that has a COVID-19 outbreak as identified by a local public health unit.

Individuals who require tests for the above purposes should follow the guidance of their
healthcare provider and/or Ontario public health officials as appropriate and follow Ontario
public health guidance and/or visit an Ontario COVID-19 Assessment Center, as applicable.


I have requested COVID-19 Testing and hereby attest and represent that I have read the COVID-
19 RAPID SCREENING TESTING INFORMATION sheet and provincial COVID-19 testing
guidelines, and I do not meet the eligibility criteria for COVID-19 testing (i.e. individuals who
are symptomatic, who have been exposed to a confirmed case of the virus as notified by local
public health or the COVID Alert app, or work in a setting that has a COVID-19 outbreak
as identified by a local public health unit.

1.) I am requesting COVID-19 testing solely for the purpose of a third party (i.e. work, school,

2.) I understand that COVID-19 Screening Testing will be performed by Labs2Go. The test will
be self-administered, and the specimen will be processed by a Canadian accredited laboratory.
The results will be communicated to you by email.

3.) On the day of your appointment, our representatives will do a quick symptom check and
oversee the self-conducted bilateral anterior nasal swab in the shallow nasal cavity. This test is
not intrusive and is done in 30 seconds.

4.) In providing the COVID-19 Screening Services, I understand that it is necessary for Labs2Go
and its staff to collect, use, retain, and disclose my personal health information (PHI) and to
share such PHI with an external laboratory, as necessary.5. I understand that Labs2Go uses an online digital system for booking appointments and uses
email communications to deliver results. I have had the opportunity to review and have agreed to
be bound by Labs2Go’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. In addition to the collection, use and
disclosure of PHI for the purposes of providing COVID-19 testing services, I agree that my PHI
may be used for the following purposes:

● ensuring the effective operation of the Screening Program;
● providing information to my organization about a positive COVID-19 test result;
● providing results to personnel who will report, as required by law, any positive

COVID-19 test results to public health.

6.) I understand that COVID-19 testing results will be communicated to me via the email address
that I have provided. The use of technology may increase the risk of my PHI being
unintentionally disclosed or intercepted by third parties. Technical failures and technological
issues may result in a loss of PHI and/or delay or interruption. Labs2Go and professional personnel assume no responsibility or liability for any technical failures or technological issues
associated with delivering results. I will notify Labs2Go if I do not consent to receiving
electronic communications so that alternate arrangements can be put in place.

7.) I understand that if my test indicates that I am positive for COVID-19, I will be contacted by
email. Additionally, I understand that Labs2Go will notify my organization of the positive test
result for the purpose of ensuring a safe workplace.

8.) I understand that if my test indicates I am positive for COVID-19, personnel is required by
law to report this to public health. Public Health will be provided with my name, address and
phone number to enable contact tracing and the provision of COVID-19 support as needed.

9.) I agree that should my test indicate a positive result for COVID-19 I will consult with public
health and/or my own primary care physician or healthcare provider for specific advice that takes
into account my medical history and personal health.

10.) I understand and agree that this consent shall apply to this collection and any future
collections under the Screening Program.

11.) I may withdraw my consent for the collection, use and disclosure of PHI by refusing to
participate in future COVID-19 screening testing and/or providing written notice to Labs2Go
Health’s Privacy Officer. I understand that any withdrawal of consent is not retroactive.

10.) I have been advised of the nature of the COVID-19 screening testing, expected benefits,
risks, side effects, alternative courses of action and I have had the opportunity to ask questions
about the COVID-19 screening testing to my satisfaction.
I consent to COVID-19 screening testing and for the collection, use and disclose of my PHI as
described in this form.

By selecting the I Accept; button, you are signing this Agreement electronically.
You agree your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual signature on this


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